5 Ways to Attract More Interest in Your Blog Content

The internet has given rise to a digital platform that the entire globe has now taken advantage of. This brings us to the topic of blogs. Blogging involves writing quality online content for a web page. It’s mostly about creativity that is fulfilled by the proper organization of ideas. Having a blog page can be a major responsibility since you have to make sure that your viewers enjoy and love your content. If they don’t, your page is as good as dead. Therefore, you need to make sure that your blog content is updated and always interesting to attract more viewers. Below are some tips that you can follow to come up with interesting blog content.

  • Be as Natural as Possible

Blogging is just like the regular expression of your ideas with your mouth. The only difference is that you express those ideas in writing through your blog. This means that you need to be as natural as possible so as to enable the proper flow of content. If you happen to stick to a particular source of information for blogging, you may limit your ideas and style of writing. Equally, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t refer to other external sources, but it’s important to only use them to gather ideas. This will make your blogging a lot easier, and you’ll still be able to maintain your original ideas without sounding too complicated.

  • Break It Down

By now, I’m sure you have noticed that there are tons of blog posts making rounds on the internet and you’re not the only one trying to gain traffic. Another interesting fact is that only 16% of blog viewers will read a blog from the beginning to the end. This is mostly because people are too busy to waste their time reading long blogs. Therefore, you need to break down your blog into short parts just to maintain the reader’s focus. You might also want to employ the use of shorter sentences and paragraphs. This will make it easier for any viewer to read through quickly and still understand the message.

  • Use the Headline Formula

Any content that is posted on the internet or even written down on paper requires a headline. This important component acts as a promise to the reader. Therefore, your blog content has to have the structure to deliver on that promise. When viewers come across your blog, the first thing they will look at is the headline. If your headline is catchy and meets the promise through the content, you’re most likely to get positive feedback. Also, note that a good headline that backs up boring content can annoy readers. The end result will be a negative impression of your writing.

  • Make Viewers Relate to Your Story

Blogging should be fun and interesting. You need to learn how to be free and open with your audience. This is why you need to create points of interest within your blog by sharing personal experiences. This is the only way your readers will relate to you and be convinced that what you’re writing about can actually happen to anyone. After all, reading a blog with indicated personal experiences always has a humane aspect that seems to attract readers.

  • Use the First Sentence Rule

If you remember your essay assignments back in school, the number one rule in essays was to use a catchy first sentence. This same rule applies in blogging and is what will capture your reader’s attention from the beginning to the end. This is just after the headline and if it happens to be boring, your reader may be hesitant to even read through the introduction. This is as good as having dead content which will chase away readers the moment they begin reading what you took time to write. A catchy first sentence needs to make sense and encourage the reader to carry on to the next line. Equally, you need to be able to carry the reader throughout with good flow, and not just have them pinned down at the first sentence only.

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