Best websites for free backlinks in 2021

If you’re someone who’s new to the SEO game and is looking for ways to get backlinks for free, this article might just help you.

If you didn’t know, backlinks are the links that come from another website to your own website. Backlinks play a very important role in determining your google search engine rankings. You can get backlinks by doing off-page activities and on-page activates as well.

Best websites for free backlinks in 2021

There are many sites online that will get you backlinks for free. In order to get a backlink, you’ll need to access a good guest posting site where you’ll need to write and submit a high-quality article and if your article gets approved, they’ll get your site will get a backlink for free.

Any website has the potential to provide you with backlinks without making compensation, but whether you get it or not depends all on the strategy you use. You will need to provide them with something of value other than money. Some of these things you can do include Social Bookmarking, Directory Submission (Check spam score before submission) Article/Blog Submission, Guest Post, and Image Sharing.

Listed below are some of the best websites for free backlinks

Broken Link Outreach

They keep an eye out for broken links in high authority sites that are relevant to your content. Apps out there also exist that can help find and identify broken links. When you find them, reach out to the site owner or the admin and let them know, they’ll suggest one of your pages as a replacement.

Moving Man Method

This strategy from Brian Dean of Backlinko and is almost the same as broken link outreach, except you’re here you’ll be looking out for links that are outdated or irrelevant.

Get a Free Blog – BlogsZino

This site offers you a free simple blog, and if you share your posts often through social media, they may appear on the homepage of the site, which will get increased views

BlogsZino Hub

You can sign up and blog free here for free and can also get an author profile for free which allows you to easily post guest blogs on the site, which will also give you much online authority.

There are unlimited sites that can give you free backlinks but before doing that you have to keep in mind that not all of them are worth it since you have to create Google quality of links for your website to rank your keywords on the search engines. To get quality backlinks you have to check the domain authority and trust flow of every website while creating backlinks.

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