To create a sandbox account follow these steps and these steps are really helpful for creating a PayPal sandbox account.

There are two types of options to create an account like a personal and business account. The personal account represents the buyer in a transaction and the business account represents the merchant in a transaction.

The first step is, as a PayPal developer registers on the developer website.

Secondly, you can create the following account on the developer site.

Business sandbox account and the personal account Box

Creation of personal sandbox account

First of all, creating a personal sandbox account is an important step to be done and then offer it to the transaction in a buyer. The first personal sandbox account will be created automatically on the developer site. However, after that PayPal will send a buyer to your account address. After providing the basic information your account will be created and you have to assign a password and email address to it. After that use the password and email address to log in to your sandbox account. create a paypal sandbox account

  1. The pay pal account balance must be entered under the payment method.
  2. Enter a test credit card number to check the credit card transactions.
  3. Now press the Create Account.

Creating a business sandbox account

The first step is automatic, the business account will be created automatically and you just need to sign up on its site. Provide your name and it will create an account on the given name.

However, the sandbox account is created and now you have to log in to the page of the developer site and sandbox account. After that, you have to click on the PayPal button and then press on the sandbox account credentials. After completing this process, a message will be sent to confirm successful login and your pay pal sandbox account is now ready to use. Finally, the sandbox account will appear on the developer site.

For your ease, we are mentioning here the points again and follow the steps to create the pay pal sandbox account.

  1. PayPal Developer Account needs to be login
  2. Click to Enter the Dashboard
  3. Click the Accounts Link under the Sandbox Section
  4. Press the Create Account Button
  5. Fill In the Create Account Form