Apple Inc. is one of the world’s leading tech companies.

If you own an Apple product (be it an iPhone or an iPod) you will need an Apple account to access all the services offered by Apple. This account can then be used on iTunes, iCloud, Appstore, iMessage etc.

Steps to Create an Apple ID:

1) From your iPhone or iPad, open the “Settings App”.

2) Select “Sign in to your iPhone”.

3) Select “Don’t have an Apple ID or forgot it”.

4) Select “Create Apple ID”.

5) Enter the necessary information like “birth date”, “first name” and “last name”.

6) Add an “email address”.

7) Choose a “password” and verify it.

8) Select and answer 3 “security questions”.

9) Select “Agree” in “Terms and Conditions”.

10) Select “Merge” if you want to sync data.

11)  Select “OK” on “Find My iPhone Enabled” window.

Steps to Create an Apple ID without Credit Card:

If for some reason you do not own a credit card you can still reap the benefits of having an Apple account. Follow the steps below:

1) Use your iPhone or iPad and launch the “AppStore”.

2) Select any free app and download it (for this select the “Free” button and it will automatically convert into an install button. Select that in order to download the app)

3) A small window with the title “Sign In” will appear with the following options:

  • Use Existing Apple ID
  • Create New Apple ID
  • Cancel

Select “Create New Apple ID.

4) Choose your “Country or Region” from the list that will appear.

5) Agree to the “terms and conditions”.

6) Provide correct information like birth date, email address, password etc.

7) In the “Billing Information” window select the option “None”. You will still need to provide a billing address.

8) Open the email account that you used to create the Apple ID with, and use the verification email sent to you to verify the account.

9) Sign in to your new account on your iPhone.

This type of account will not let you buy apps since you haven’t provided a credit card number.