A Google trend is a website by Google. Google trends analyses and compares the top searches, words, and queries that are popular in any region and language. Google trends help you to understand the popularity of certain words. The Google trends website uses graphical reports for the comparison and statistics of popular words.

How to use Google trends

A Google trend is free and is open to everyone who wants to use it. You just need to go to the Google trend and in the dashboard, either type any topic there or can see the trending stories. You can get access to Google trends by typing google.com/trends in your browser. When you open the website, it will show you the trends of your location.

How to get visitors

You can have thousands of visitors daily on your website or post through Google trends. The traffic from Google trends is very fresh. There are different ways of getting visitors to Google trends. By using the following methods you can get thousands of visitors daily to your website and channel.

Google News: As google prefers its own products over other products. You can get visitors more by using Google news. All you have to do is to search for the keywords and write an article on those keywords. As these keywords have been used by Google news, when anyone will search with those words, your article will also come in the top searches. You can attract visitors by using this method Daily Fresh Visitors from Google Trends

Using Keywords: There is another way of attracting traffic to your website. Go to the countries list from Google trend and select any country of your choice. Look for the trends and keywords there and use those keywords on your website or in the article. This is the easiest method that can be used for attracting visitors to your website.

YouTube: you can attract visitors and traffic by using YouTube videos. Go to the YouTube trends in Google trends and search for the top trending videos. Select any video of your choice. Watch the complete video. Make a review video on that video. You can use the same topic or title of the video with a few additional words such as review or overview. Daily Fresh Visitors from Google Trends

These are the few and easy methods that could be used for attracting visitors and traffics to your website and channels