How to increase popularity in BGMI Hello guys today in this post we are going to share with you the three most interesting tips and tricks related to the Indian version of pubg that is called BGMI.

You can easily increase popularity in BGMI or Battleground Mobile India by following these BGMI Popularity tricks.

Krafton had recently launched in India with the Indian version. And most of the players get early access to BGMI. The BGMI is only launched for android users for now.

The Krafton Company has soon launched the battleground mobile India for IOS users.

The players of pubg mobile have to transfer their data in the Battleground mobile India. Due to transforming the data in the Indian version of pubg mobile.

The players of pubg mobile India have lost their popularity with zero popularity in their Indian version of pubg mobile which is Battleground pubg mobile India.

Most of the players had high popularity in pubs mobile but now in the Indian version of pubg mobile, the popularity is at zero. In this post, I am going to tell us about how you can increase your popularity in Battleground pubg mobile India.

Increase Popularity through Event

Battleground mobile India there is one event in the event section of the diamond exchange center. In that event of Diamond Exchange Centre, you will get.

You can also exchange by giving 10 diamonds to pubg mobile India And exchange one ring which gives you the popularity of 400.

The first question that comes into your mind that how can you collect the Diamond so that’s a very easy task you can play matches in Battleground mobile India.

In the matches, you have to complete some easy task which is given on the Diamond exchange center Light playing classic matches reviving your teammates in classic matches, etc.

Play with your Friends To Increase Popularity 

You have to play with your friends or with your squad to increase the popularity of Battleground mobile India.

Now go to match selection mode in that you have to select Arcade and start a quick match that will give you Popularity very fast And don’t play the match instead you have to die as soon as possible with your friend’s squad.

Make Sure before returning to the lobby you have to give likes to your squad and ask them to give you the like back in that case if you are getting 90 popularity in one match and you are playing matches in one day.

You will gain 900 Popularity in a single day and the game length used for a very short time which is around 2 to 3 minutes per match so you can easily increase your BGMI popularity in 20 minutes of playing matches.

Join Clan to Increase Popularity

If you have your own Clan or you are joining the clan of your friend it is very beneficial for you to increase the popularity of BGMI and ask them to give you the medals which are already in that Clan and it’s free of cost and also whenever you got chicken dinner or complete any task in BGMI  you will get the medals which will increase your popularity by 10.

So friends how did you like our post about increased popularity in BGMI. If you like our post or gain some knowledge from our post related to the BGMI Popularity trick.

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