Just on the very first glance of your search, you’re going to find a full summary of the info you are looking for. Yes, featured snippets do the same thing. It shows an additional SERP attribute to the users with clear information at the top of the results page. A company must get this attribute to boost brand recognition.

What have showcased snippets?

A featured snippet is outcomes that are chosen by Google and reflect along with Google’s organic results. Featured Snippet aims to answer the query on SERP. It gives brands an increase and additional vulnerability.


Featured snippets appear in special boxes using descriptive data in the shape of tables, measures, lists, or definition. The featured snippets steal a lot more traffic from the search engines.

Types of Featured Snippets

Notice: You can’t mark your website for a featured snippet; Google automatically attracts the pages out of the website. All you have to optimize your articles to do so.

To get featured snippets on Google, one needs to give particular attention to keyword research, formatting, On-page SEO, articles, the position of pages, and Domain Authority.

Steps For Featured Snippets

  • Keyword study
  • On-Page SEO
  • Domain Authority
  • Date and Content

Keyword Research

When I state keyword research, you should search for high volume and keywords that people are searching for. Additionally, search for the keywords, where Google offers a featured snippet. This is one of the excellent practices to take featured snippets.

Second, follow the intent of keywords, i.e., keyword phrases with a questioning motive come first in top results. By the research, there are four types of keyword intent i.e

Also, frame the material by long-tail keywords as part of your search engine optimization strategy. It’s been found that the vast majority of getting Featured Snippets is by merely employing long-tail keywords. All you require a keyword research tool to discover keywords.

The takeaway here is to elect for Informational intent and the very long-tail key to optimizing your articles for Featured Snippet.

On-page SEO

When you find out the long-tail keywords and their intent, work on, On-page SEO campaigns. Other factors are Domain authority, which can bring heaps of Featured Snippets for a single page.

Search engine optimization is well-known for keywords and content, so here it is; keep your content tight, and concise include the lists, paragraphs, and steps. As soon as you have completed the content, please make sure that it’s in reasonably regular length to get a featured snippet. To do so, you should attempt to keep each section of content restricted to 50 words and a minimum of 40.

Concerning keywords, use headers wherever necessary and divide inside parts. So, instead of writing in the long — long paragraph, arrange your measures, lists, or paragraphs with headers. (h1, h2, h3, or h4).

Domain Authority

Apart from optimizing the material to receive featured snippets on Google, focus on your ranking and Domain Name Authority. If your webpages are ranked on Google’s first page, and your Domain Authority begins improving, your chance of getting at a Featured Snippet is practically greater.

In reality, Google provides 99% chances to ranked pages because it is the most trusted content. Thus, optimize your website content for search-engine search engine optimization.

Put dates on your articles as Google provides priority to obsolete content to displays up in featured snippets. Also, to create your content updated and fresh, attempt to re-optimize it weekly, monthly, or if new info came.

By the research, about 1 percent of featured snippet content is published in 24 hours or many within one hour or has been less than a week.

Other Benefits of using dated content are below:

  • Reduces confusion related to the new or fresh updates.
  • It builds trust
  • Improves click-through rate and participation
  • Reduce efforts in composing an entirely new piece of content