Through the years, writing code is now an art in itself. Nowadays, developers have access to many programming languages, ranging from quite an essential Assembly to Ruby and Python. Regardless of the numerous options in programming languages for a particular project, one thing remains constant — every programmer requires a code editor to write the code!

Top Rated Code Editors For WordPress Developers in 2021

A fantastic code editor is more than only a straightforward text editing tool. It’s where the magic occurs, and composed code transforms into a workable element for a bigger job. Given this importance, it is no wonder that developers are too picky regarding the code editor they work with. Every developer wants a code editor that is fast, easy to use, and provides just the right balance of features.

Since every code editor out there claims are the best and the only code editor you will ever need, I’ve done the difficult job of compiling a listing of top code editors for WordPress developers.


Vim is one of the most popular code editors among WordPress developers. It is entirely free and has a good reputation among Linux developers. The editor is open source and extremely configurable. It gives cross-platform compatibility, unlike any other signal editor. Also, it operates in Dos.

Vim might not be that popular with new users as it has a learning curve. Here are some more features attached to Vim

Light Table

Light Table is just another open and free source code editor that you could discover on Kickstarter with over 300k in funding. The editor has a spotless interface and contains a lot of extensions.

With the Light Table, users can view their changes as they are happening. All they need to do is open a browser window, and they’re able to see changes in real-time. The editor is also very lightweight and has support for unique embeds.


Chocolat brands itself as the best code editor for Mac OS X for all the programming languages. Chocolat provides drops and drags attribute, divide editing, code folding, and code completion for JS, Python, and HTML.

Some other attributes are:

  • Project-wide search and replace
  • Live mistake checking


Notepad++ has excellent reasons to be the top choice for many WordPress developers. This lightweight code editor is open source and free to Utilize.

The list of supported languages includes everything that a WordPress developer needs in developing a complex project. The extended list of attributes of Notepad++ includes:

Sublime Text

If you are searching for a compact yet functionality oriented code editor, I’d recommend Sublime Text. A cross-platform editor, Sublime Text looks fantastic on your screen, performs very well, and scales well for all WordPress endeavors.

Sublime Text includes a lot to offer you, including:

  • Python scripting
  • Flexible interface
  • Instant file switching
  • Syntax and error detection
  • Multiline choice and editing
  • Topical plugin integration
  • Themes

Text Wrangler

Text Wrangler might be the best code editor that you might have for Mac OS. The very best thing about Text Wrangler is it is a freeware that provides a fantastic set of features. Here’s the recommended article that is about top suggestions to employ a python programmer.

The code editor could efficiently handle large source code files and offers a wide range of features, including:


When developers create an application for developers, the results frequently resemble Atom, the code editor generated by the group behind GitHub. Atom is an open-source code editor and incorporates a significant portion of code. This creates Atom, a powerful code editor that integrates the wishlist of many WordPress programmers.

Despite being freeware, Atom offers several mission-critical features, including:

  • Built-in package manager
  • Customizable themes
  • Support for Command Palette
  • Integration with GitHub


The following code editor for Mac fans, Coda, is designed on and for Mac OS. It supports OS X 10.7.5 and after versions and is for developers who like stability and speed in their code editor. Coda is the outcome of a 2007 project for a straightforward text editor. Over the years, Coda has developed into an extremely viable option for developers working on Mac. An essential element is the Transmit Turbo Engine, which boosts up uploads in a distant location. Coda can be obtained for a free 7-day trial, even with the complete version readily available for USD 99.

Coda offers a whole Assortment of powerful features, for example: